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Welcome to Paasky's Locomotion File Index, the largest of the type. At the moment there are 64 items, and each items may contain as many as 20 objects. Alltogether the amount of new objects (be it trains, trams or Airports) is well over 500. The number is rising all the time as I browse for (and creators post) new things. The page is also under constant updating and whenever a new version is released it will be here within a few days. Check the News Page for info on updates & new files.
If you find broken links, typo's, or just wish to comment, view the Contact section and tell me about it.

If any of the creators want that directly linking to the file isn't practiced on their creation, please send me a message (possible ways are described in the Contact section) and I'll link to your website. And please, no flaming like here, a simple message asking for it is enough.

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